Tom's Studio

Tom's Studio

We are proud to be the first Australian stockists of Tom's Studio pens, starting with the refillable multi-tip Lumos Pro!

Tom's Studio is a UK stationery brand featuring exquisitely handcrafted writing tools, designed and created by Tom Gyr. Tom set out on a mission to create a better version of the plastic calligraphy pens his wife was using, that better matched the art she was creating.

From the beginning, Tom has held strong values for the pens he designed.


Just as the first pen Tom made for Gemma was to improve upon the one she had, the intention behind any of Tom’s products remains that they must be better than those currently available. He will never settle for an average product.


Tom makes his products for incredibly creative people, so why shouldn’t the tools they use be made with the same flair and ingenuity an artist applies to their own work?  This is why Tom is always striving to experiment and master different processes and manufacturing techniques.


Tom believes we have lost the 'soul' of the products we use in the age of mass production. It's why it’s his mission to bring the creative soul back to the tools we use every day.

Quality & Sustainability:

Tom will only use materials that stand the test of time. A massive opponent of disposable culture, he designs and makes his products with the intention that they will be one day be cherished by their current owner’s grandchildren.



Here at Paper Station we are huge fans of the work Tom and his team are doing and are excited to make his products more available in Australia. We love that his pens are environmentally conscious and we resonate with his ethos of long lasting and loved stationery items that will last a lifetime.

We will be expanding our range of Tom's Studio pens, so please get in touch if there is anything in particular you would like to see. 

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