Paper Station was born from the love of all things paper - in particular, cards and stationery. The ability to take a pause from busy life and engage in the slow art of writing, drawing or scribbling with pen on paper is a grounding habit in our busy, fast-paced lives.

We hold a particular affection for the act of letter and card writing, as it does wonders for enhancing our personal and social wellbeing. While we often reserve this practice for momentous occasions, such as birthdays and milestones, we also encourage it for the small, everyday moments that often go unnoticed. These seemingly simple gestures can forge stronger connections with the people in your life..

Our signature card sets allow you to always have a stash of cards on hand to celebrate any occasion, big or small. We focus most of our card design in creating themed sets, to allow card writing to become a meaningful habit.

All Paper Station products are designed by Julia Pereira, are printed locally using sustainably minded printing services, and are hand assembled with care. 

We are currently still stocking eco-friendly stationery from other brands, which we are proud to feature for the near future until we focus solely on our Paper Station line.

Our sustainability goals

We ensure to stock items that are made from sustainable sources, including recycled, FSC certified and natural, as well as materials that are able to be recycled or composted. We also aim to make conscious choices in all aspects of business, including packaging and sending items, partnering with Carbon Neutral shipping companies. 

To top it all off, one tree is planted with every order made. That's right - anytime you purchase anything from our store, you are contributing to a tree being planted through our partnership with Ecologi.