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Weew Smart Design

The "20 Pencil"

The "20 Pencil"

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The “20 Pencil”, from Italian studio 'Weew Smart Design', is equivalent to 20 pencils and allows you to write up to 500,000 words continuously. It is an HB type pencil and its tip is always sharp - no need for a sharpener!

Made from recycled plastic, this eco-friendly pencil comes in five different pastel colours. It is ideal to put in your bag as, thanks to the cap, the tip does not risk breaking or staining. Also ideal for children because they don't need a sharpener and the tip is unlikely to break.

Dimensions: 15 x 0.9 cm
Type: HB pencil
Stylus: Made from recycled plastic - strong and durable, 0.5 mm

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