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Eco Pen Club

The Clicker Eco Pen 10 pack

The Clicker Eco Pen 10 pack

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Ink Colour

Brought to you by Eco Pen Club.

Every single one of their pens:
- uses 50-85% less plastic than traditional pens
- uses a soy-based non-toxic ink
- is made 100% of recyclable and compostable items!

There is no toxicity, and there is no waste. These pens are as good for you as they are for the planet.

  • Made with recycled cardboard and plastic/wheat ends
  • 50% less plastic than a traditional pen
  • Compostable & recyclable materials
  • Manufactured by FSC approved factory
  • 0.5mm ballpoint pen, with non-toxic ink
  • FREE tube to hold your pens!

Please note that the coloured ends do not correspond with ink colour. Ink colour for all pens in the packs are either black or blue.

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