Eco Pen Club

Eco Pen Club

When launching Paper Station, we were on the look out for an eco-friendly option for the everyday pen that you have in your bag, desk or on the kitchen bench. That's when we came across the Eco Pen Club, a Sydney-based business who delivered just that!

Co-founders Lewis and Tristan have worked creatively to come up with a solution to a problem they saw. Millions of pens are sent to landfill each year, including their non-recyclable plastic cover and toxic inks. People use and throw out pens with little thought, making them practically a disposable item.

Eco Pen Club focus on reducing plastic and providing zero waste products that can be recycled, so that our every day pen is not one that ends up as another thoughtlessly disposed of item.

They worked tirelessly on the design of the pens, to ensure each was completely eco-friendly, without compromising on quality. This includes the outer casing, inner springs, packaging and non-toxic inks.

We are excited to feature their products in our store and hope they become a house, office and school staple!


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