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Tom's Studio

Lumos Pro - Refillable Pen - Single Tip

Lumos Pro - Refillable Pen - Single Tip

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Brought to you from Tom's Studio, UK
We are proud to be the first Australian stockists of this innovative and environmentally conscious line of pens!

A beautiful & infinitely refillable fineliner, writing & brush pen including 11 professional artist's tips.
Too many pens and their refills are disposable by design. Similar to printer ink cartridges, pen companies want you to buy into their format so that they can keep selling you replacement pens or refills over and over again.  It's good for their business, but it's bad for the planet and stifles creativity.

As a product designer and craftsman who loves using a variety of pens to create illustrations and designs, Tom had this very problem and set out to design a solution.

Enter, the refillable fineliner & multi-tip pen!


  • Single tip design, which can be fitted with different tips
  • Comes with 11 interchangable artist tips
    • Fineliner: 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.5 0.8 1.0
    • Writing: 0.3 0.5
    • Felt-Tip: Chisel, Bullet & Brush
  • Can be refilled with any colour ink
  • Compatible with Fountain pen inks
  • Compatible with waterproof pigment inks
  • Keep this pen forever - No more disposable pens!
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